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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Where Is This Artist?
Where Is This Artist?


I know that most of y'all may remember this artist Domino. He had hits with Sweet Potato Pie and Getto Jam which were big in the early 90's. What I want to know is, where is this artist today? I would love to find out. So, I think that I'll share the album with y'all.

Every now and then I may post a song or a whole album. But, you will never know when I may do it. LOL...

Hey, I can't think of the name of this artist that had out the song Back In Tha Day I LOVE that song if any one knows what I'm talking about and may have the song.

Could you PLEASE upload it for me so I can listen to it? Thanks! Oh, as always PLEASE join my forum cause I really need members to make the forum work. Ok, y'all that's it for now so Holla at Neesee!

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Verity Records Sues TONEX for Over $ 1 Million
Verity Records Sues TONEX for Over $ 1 Million

Well, this news is kinda old but I thought I would post it for those who don't know and for those who love Gospel artist Tonex. Ok, here's the story Tonex is being sued by Zomba Recording/ Verity Records for over $1 Million Dollars after Tonex complained to the world that he is being mistreated and, thus, desires to break ties with the record company.

Tonex's attorney, Courtney M. Coates, Esq. says, "This unfortunate and heavy-handed lawsuit was filed for no other purpose than to force Tonex to record future albums under harsh, oppressive and unacceptable working conditions which no artist should tolerate." He continues, "Notably, the allegations made by Zomba/Verity against Tonex still ignore Tonex's numerous complaints about the label's unfair business practices, including its failure to completely and accurately account and pay him monies owed over the last several years." That goes to show that even in Gospel music there is a struggle with labels.

Ok, Tonex's independent record label, Nureau Ink, LLC, wants to release the best of Tonex's latest music under his sole creative direction and control. A few weeks ago, Nureau Ink and Tonex fought back and filed a federal lawsuit in California to have a judge confirm that Tonex's recording contract is terminated or otherwise unenforceable.

As the renowned minister, producer, writer, singer, actor, and dancer begin to fight for his freedom, Tonex says, "This is not just about me. I represent every artist that has been manipulated and used by the music industry and I seek vindication for all of the unsung heroes who are not working and not eating, because they are not being treated fairly by record companies."

This intense legal battle will set the stage for future artists and increase awareness to other possible victims in the music industry.

An impassioned Tonex says, "I want to put out the greatest music I've ever worked on, but Verity Records won't allow me to do so." He adds, "Even though I have endured my share of personal hardships, I am definitely made out of steel and velvet and am putting all of my trust in the Almighty God."While Tonex is struggling financially to make ends meet, his music has made Zomba/Verity well in the millions in record sales. The artist's loyal fan base includes over 500,000 people and a radio listening audience of over 40,000,000 weekly.

Taking unprecedented steps to slay a gospel music giant, such as Zomba/Verity, takes fortitude, but Tonex says he's ready with God and his fans by his side. "Although Verity has left me financially broke and without anything, I am still in good spirits and know that a lot of people are supporting this ministry," says the artist.

Tonex's music has been featured on previous films and soundtracks such as "The Good Song"on Sony Films "XXX:State of Union, "Off We Go" on Sony Pictures J-LO /Ben Afleck Film "GIGLI", "Cry No More" on the HBO Film "PRISON SONG" starring Q-Tip & Mary J. Blige and a theme song on UPN/Paramount Pictures "ONE ON ONE". He has also been seen on various BET programs, TBN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Motown Live, Hollywood Access, BET Style, TV One, Soul Train, and Showtime at the Apollo. Additionally, he has appeared in publications such as Billboard, USA Today, Ebony, Jet, Right On, Vibe, Sister 2 Sister, Jet, Upscale, Essence, Entertainment Weekly, and Black Beat Magazine.

Tonex is assembling a top legal defense team and has set up a legal defense fund to help him defray the costs of litigation. He has retained San Francisco entertainment lawyer, Courtney M. Coates, Esq., of Hanson, Bridgett, Marcus, Vlahos & Rudy to prosecute his California case. Well-known New York attorney, Londelle McMillan, Esq. of The McMillan Law Firm is reportedly exploring the prospect of defending Tonex in the New York lawsuit. If you are interested in showing financial support for Tonex during this difficult time, please mail all checks payable to "Hanson Bridgett Client-Trust Account," c/o Courtney M. Coates, Esq, 425 Market Street, 26th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

Please Support this very great artist I know I have love for him and his music. Well, that's all I have for now but I'll do my best to keep you posted on the lastest in entertainment. Holla at Neesee! And PLEASE Join my forum it's on my list to your right. Thanks!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006
Jennifer Garner Nearly Burns Down Her House
Jennifer Garner Nearly Burns Down Her House

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Jennifer Garner almost burned her Massachusetts home down recently when she left a frying pan unattended. The actress was cooking for her husband Ben Affleck and baby daughter Violet in their rented Cambridge house, when she was momentarily distracted.

She says, "I love to cook but, um, I do have a little problem. Sometimes I'll cook a little hot. We're staying in a rented house, and I didn't know how to put the vent on over the stove ..."

A few minutes later, the burning fat set the house fire alarm off, and chaos ensued. She explains, "It's (the alarm) saying, 'Fire, please leave the building. Fire, please leave the building.' Ben's upset. So he rips the thing out of the wall... Sorry, to the people we are renting from! We will fix it. Next thing, here they (firefighters) come. Hatchets, hats, full gear. We hear pound, pound, pound, pound, pound on the door. There were like eight firemen and I said, 'Well, I can fix you dinner. But it's probably gonna be burned.'"

Jennifer just a little word of advise. "If you can't stand the heat please
keep yo ass out of the kitchen." On that note until next time. Neesee is out

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Jennifer Lopez Pregnant?
Jennifer Lopez Pregnant?

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Singer Jennifer Lopez is reportedly expecting her first child with husband Marc Anthony, according to media reports.

Lopez appeared at the ALMA Awards in Los Angeles on May 7, sporting what appeared to be a small bump.

The following day, the star abruptly canceled her first concert tour without giving an explanation, further fueling rumors of a pregnancy.

Sources tell In Touch magazine the star is three months pregnant and that the baby will be born around Christmas.

Anthony spoke publicly of having a baby with Lopez at the event saying,
"I'm looking forward to starting a family."

Lopez was scheduled to tour this month, with dates in Mumbai (Bombay), India; Dubai; Moscow, Russia: Sofia, Bulgaria; Istanbul, Turkey; and Thessaloniki, Greece.

The singer has been threatened with legal action by the tour's promoters, who have promised to issue full refunds to ticket holders.

Bulgarian promoter Nina Girginova says,
"Whatever the reason is, she should have explained it, and even if she had lied
it would have been better than not giving the fans any reason at all."

Well, all I can say is give her about two more months to really start to show. Then time will tell. Ok, that's my news update for now until next time. Start posting in my NEW! forum. I Neesee will be there. So talk to ya soon!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Flavor Mix the blog. Here you will be updated with different flavors mixed all together. From Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel and much much more. I also have a forum that relates to this blog.

So, if you have not joined it yet. You don't know what you're about to miss. The forum will be so much fun and you may find a lot of info on your favorite artist and more. Go ahead and join now you will love it.

I will have a great post coming up soon. So until then let's have fun at my NEW! forum.
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